Ormr vs Photoshop vs GIMP

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Recently, we sought better ways to show you how Ormr is truly different from any other image editors out there. And, of course, what kind of a promotion would it be without a good old feature comparison? So, here you go. But before you click on the link below, let us just say that we decided to have a little bit of fun making it – after all, most basic features can be found in pretty much any application. We wanted to highlight those little quirky bits that make all the difference in user experience that may not be immediately obvious.


Oh, and while looking at the comparison, remember that, unlike the other two juggernauts, Ormr is developed by a very small team (of very dedicated) people. :) Enjoy! :)



  1. enomad

    Are you planning Linux version? When could it be expected?

    Great app… :)

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