Introducing Layer History Preview

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In our latest update we’ve introduced something we call Layer History Preview that, like many other features, is unique to Ormr. As users (yes, we eat our own dog food – daily :), we already love it. Here’s why – this is your regular expanded Ormr layer with its own history:

What we’ve done here is load an image, moved it, and applied an unsharp mask to it. You will notice that if we collapse this layer (as may be convenient if we have a complex scene with many other layers and groups), and then want to change, say, how much we sharpen the image by, we will have to click on the layer to select it, then click to expand it again, and then click on an appropriate operator to show its parameters in the Parameters window.

This is all very tedious, especially if you end up doing things like this all the time. But fear not – here’s how the same layer looks in the latest version of Ormr with Layer History Preview:

Now, if you want to adjust the amount of sharpening, you can just directly click on the Unsharp Mask operator, and Ormr will both select the layer and the operator – at which point you’re free to make any adjustments you wish. All it takes is a single click. So now, you can keep most of your layers collapsed by default (you can change this in the Edit->Preferences dialog), and still be able to access their most recent history. Ormr will show as many operators as can fit between the right-edge buttons and the end of the layer’s name.



  1. Ric Bretschneider

    Sounds interesting, but if you’re not as deep into your iconography the illustrations might not be… illustrative? Adding call-outs here would be a great help.
    And of course I need to get back into Ormr and play with it some more.

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